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Find The "Strength From Within"

Me, Kniest & Understanding: provides insight into the unique life story of Fiona Porch. It reveals a touching perspective on living with a rare form of dwarfism and embracing life beyond measure.

Within the depths of these pages, Porch gently reminds us that it is okay if we all do not look the same, act identical, or believe in similar things while providing insight and encouragement to push through heartache and pain, and embracing the life you gain. Fiona has experienced many obstacles throughout her life, as she shares her most compelling nature of finding the strength within herself to rise above life’s challenges. She provides a glimpse into her compassionate heart, and her loving relationships with various friends and family members. Whether you struggle with health issues, relationships, career challenges, self-esteem, or doubt in yourself and your dreams, Fiona shows her unique determination of navigating through. Her aim is to provide a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with Kniest Dysplasia.

Fiona Porch is passionate about helping others to leap their hurdles and pursue their goals. By sharing her unique life story, she hopes her message will provide understanding and become a boon for all those who want to fly.